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Many of the deadlines to apply for the Georgia State University scholarships are in March for continuing students and October for transfer students. If you are eligible for any scholarships as an Entering Freshman, this information will be listed in the Scholarship section of your acceptance letter from our Admissions office. GSU scholarships are scholarships offered through Georgia State University. External scholarships are not associated with Georgia State University.

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Scholarship Title Description
20th Anniversary Scholarship

To provide scholarships for first-year law students.  Eligibility is based on merit.

Ahmed T. Abdelal Fellowship in Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

Awarded to outstanding doctoral students for achievement in the field of molecular genetics or biotechnology.  This fellowship is based on merit and recipients are selected by the Biology Department Awards Committee; students are not required to submit applications.

Alfredo Barili Scholarship

To provide scholarships for music students with preference given to undergraduate string performers. Students must have demonstrable skill,  evidenced through a combination of academic and musical talent, GPA and performance ability.

Allen and Eleanor Hollingsworth Scholarship

To provide scholarships to entering or first-year students in the master's degree program in gerontology. Students must have an outstanding academic record and show a commitment to improving the quantity and quality of life for older people through internship experience, volunteering or other experiences that the selection committee deems appropriate.

Alumni Association Graduate Student Scholarship

To provide scholarships to graduate students who have been accepted into a degree program at Georgia State University.  Recipients must be in good academic standing and have achieved a minimum 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate degree program.

Alumni Association Legacy Scholarship

To provide scholarships to students who are the child, stepchild or grandchild of a Georgia State University graduate and have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher. Personal essay and Letter of Recommendation from Legacy relative required.

Alumni Association License to Learn Scholarship

To provide scholarships to sophomore students in good academic standing at Georgia State University.  Recipients must have a minimum 2.75 GPA and demonstrated financial need. 

Alumni Association Scholarship for Children of GSU Faculty and Staff

To provide scholarships to children of currently employed faculty or staff members at Georgia State University.  The student must be in good academic standing with a minimum 3.0 GPA in their undergraduate degree.  Children of  Scholarship Selection Committee members and children of current Alumni Office staff members are not eligible to receive this scholarship.

Alumni Association Scholarship for US Military Veterans

To provide scholarships for US Military Veterans enrolled in good academic standing at Georgia State University.  Students must have demonstrated unmet financial need and a minimum grade point average of 2.75.

Alumni Association Transfer Student Scholarship

To provide scholarships to students transferring to Georgia State University from a community college or a junior college.  Recipients must be in good academic standing at the transferring institution and have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Amanda G. Hyatt Fellowship

To provide fellowships to currently enrolled students pursuing a masters degree program with a concentration in Nonprofit Studies.  Candidates will have shown excellent academic performance in undergraduate, degree-related coursework, and in the first semester of their masters degree coursework. Students in the first year of study may apply for the fellowship, which will  provide support for their second year of graduate work.  Please Note:  To apply for this fellowship, a separate application is required.  The deadline to apply is February 15. 

Ambling Scholarship

To provide scholarships to students living in the University Commons and who display academic achievement. Preference will be give to students studying real estate, finance, and urban policy studies.

Ambrose H. Pendergrast Fellowship

To be awarded to an outstanding doctoral student in the area of medicinal chemistry/biochemistry.

Andrew C. and Eula C. Carlos Endowed Scholarship

To provide scholarships to students enrolled in the Robinson College of Business.  Students must be enrolled as undergraduates with a minimum 3.0 GPA or be enrolled as graduate students with a minimum 3.25 GPA.  Students must also have financial need that has been documented by the Student Financial Aid Office. Please visit to apply.  Scholarships are awarded for Fall semester only.  Applications are accepted March 1 - March 31 each year.

Andrew M. West Memorial Art Scholarship

The Andrew M. West Memorial Scholarship was established to benefit the students in the School of Art and Design. The purpose of this fund is to provide scholarships to students majoring in Art.  Please note: This scholarship is awarded based on internal nominations by the department; therefore applications are not accepted.

Andrew Young School Undergraduate Scholarship

The AYS Undergraduate Scholarship was established to provide financial assistance to outstanding leaders and scholars in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies.  Awards of up to $2,000 for one year will be made based on academic merit, leadership and need.  Students must be in good academic standing to be selected for the scholarship.

Ann-Marie Campbell Scholarship

To provide support to undergraduate students in good standing majoring in any discipline within the J. Mack Robinson College of Business.  Recipients must have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher and demonstrated financial need as determined by the Georgia State University Office of Financial Aid.

Anne M. Eaton Endowed Scholarship

To provide scholarships to graduate students enrolled in the Gerontology Certificate Program who have completed at least 10 hours of academic coursework in the program. Students must show potential for leadership in the field of aging; must have achieved outstanding success academically; and must have demonstrated a commitment to improving the quality of life for older people. Preference will be given to candidates age 40 or older

Applied Linguistics/ESL - CPUA Scholarship

The recipient must be a graduate level currently enrolled student at the University who is majoring in a Department program. The recipient must demonstrate merit for assistance in a letter of application and statement of goals. The recipient must demonstrate a combination of scholastic merit and financial need, with financial need being determined by the University Office of Student Financial Aid. The recipient must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better during the period of the award or must maintain the minimum GPA for their degree program, whichever is higher.

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NOTE: This is NOT an application. This is assessment is for incoming GSU students who have already been awarded a University Assistantship. Please take a moment to fill this out to begin the process for your 2012-2013 departmental assignment.

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