1.00.31 Campus Posting Policy      

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Approved on: 10/23/2008

By: Senate

Effective Date: 04/17/2008

Policy Summary

Posters, flyers, or notices may posted on campus only in specific areas and under specific conditions.





Administration of Policy

Mandating Authority:
University Senate

Responsible Office(s):
Senate Committee on Student Life and Development
Student University Center, 360 Student Center, 3-1860

Responsible Executive(s): Vice President for Student Affairs

Background: None

Committee Members: None

Position TitleCampus LocationPhone Number and/or E-mail Address
Student University Center360 Student Center404-413-1860

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Posting Prohibitions

Posters, flyers or notices may not be attached to doors, walls, windows, trees, car windshields, trash cans, recycling bins, light poles or exterior surfaces of buildings. Items posted improperly will be removed daily and destroyed. Persons and organizations that post items improperly may be subject to disciplinary sanctions and/or charged for the cost of removal and any damage to University property. Georgia State University is not responsible for maintaining or returning items that are improperly posted and removed.
Public Notices Posted by Affiliated Individuals or Organizations
     i. Chartered student organizations, Georgia State departments, students, faculty and staff may post
        information related to official University activities in other locations on campus according to the
        guidelines set forth below. Grip strips are located throughout the University Center and student
        lounges for the posting of official University activity announcements by chartered organizations and
        University departments. Posted items should clearly identify the affiliation with the University. Only
        one posting is permitted per grip strip location. Notices may not be posted over previously posted
        items. Sponsors are responsible for promptly removing dated material. The guidelines for posting
        by University affiliated groups are as follows:
        (1) Employment opportunity notices may be posted through Career and Job Search Services
              located in the University Center.
        (2) Listings for off-campus housing and roommates may be posted through the off-campus
             housing services located in the Dean of StudentĀ“s Office in the Student University Center.
             Information may be posted on 3-by-5-inch cards on the bulletin boards located on the third floor
             of the University Center and in Kell Hall.
        (3) Student University Center, Sparks Hall Student lounge-2nd floor, and General Classroom
             Lounge-6th floor.
    ii. The Office of Student Life and Leadership provides locked bulletin-board cabinets located in
        several different locations on campus. Only chartered student organizations and University
        departments may post notices of events in these bulletin boards by contacting the Office of Student
        Life and Leadership.
   iii. Physical Education and Aquatics buildings have bulletin boards that are designated General
        Posting on which authorized Georgia State handbills may be posted. Authorization will only be
        given to handbills that relate to:
        (1) programs scheduled in the buildings
        (2) departmental postings (kinesiology and health, athletics, recreation)
        (3) Dean of Students Office
        (4) registered student organizations
        Bulletin boards dedicated to specific recreational programs and departmental boards are not available for posting general handbills.
    iv. Departmental- or agency-assigned bulletin boards - Posting of materials on any campus bulletin
        board that is assigned to a University department requires the approval of that department or
        agency. Any materials not authorized by the department will be removed and discarded.
Public Notices Posted by Non-affiliated Individuals or Organizations
Individuals and organizations not affiliated with the University may post public notices on designated bulletin boards located in University buildings. Notices are removed each Friday. The University assumes no responsibility for the content of the material posted nor does this posting constitute any endorsement by the University. A list of the designated bulletin board locations may be obtained at the University Center Information Desk of the University Center and Student Center Office. In addition, organizations not affiliated with the University may purchase advertisements through the Signal, the campus newspaper, located in the University Center. Non-University Affiliated organizations may not post items on the University Center grip strips.
Student Center Posting Guidelines
The Student Center posting guidelines are outlined in the 1998 Policies and Procedures handbook.
Georgia State University Housing
The University Housing Office determines, in its sole discretion, the appropriateness of all information to be posted in Georgia State University Housing. Any persons or organizations wishing to post activity announcements at Georgia State University Housing may do so by delivering the flyer, poster or notice to the University Housing Office, Suite 250 Student Center. Items to be posted must clearly identify their affiliation with the University and/or person or organization. Only one posting of an event per lobby area is allowed.

Rationale or Purpose

In order to create and maintain an aesthetic environment and neat campus, Georgia State University established the following guidelines regarding posting of informational material on campus facilities. Address any questions about the campus posting policy, contact the Student/University Center Office, Suite 360, Student Center, or call (404) 413-1860.

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