1.00.31 Campus Posting Policy      

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Policy Summary

Posters, flyers, or notices may posted on campus only in specific areas and under specific conditions.

Full Policy Text

For information on this policy, please see: www.codeofconduct.gsu.edu

Administration of Policy

Mandating Authority:
University Senate

Responsible Office(s):
Senate Committee on Student Life and Development
Student University Center, 360 Student Center, 3-1860

Responsible Executive(s):

Policy History

Approving Body: Senate

Rationale or Purpose

In order to create and maintain an aesthetic environment and neat campus, Georgia State University established the following guidelines regarding posting of informational material on campus facilities. Address any questions about the campus posting policy, contact the Student/University Center Office, Suite 360, Student Center, or call (404) 413-1860.

Additional Information

University Senate approval October 23, 3008

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