Category 'Information Tech & Records'
Policy TitleBrief Policy Statement
Digital Monitors for Public Displays Network-accessible wall-mounted display monitors, also known as digital monitor systems, are an integral component of branding, public image, and emergency communications; therefore, these monitors must conform to university standards related to information security, management systems, and network standards.
E-mail Directory A single directory of official institutional e-mail addresses is maintained, and any requirement for official institutional e-mail addresses must use this singular source.
Network Connection of Surveillance Equipment Connection of IP addressable cameras and digital video-recorder systems used for surveillance to the Georgia State University network (either through direct copper/fiber wiring or indirect 802.X technology) must be approved by the University Information Security Officer (ISO) and IS&T prior to being placed in operation.
University Web Pages Georgia State University´s Web sites will exhibit a uniform and cohesive identity through the use of the approved Content Management System (CMS).  The sites will provide accessible, accurate and informative content and will be used for appropriate and legal purposes.
Web Accessibility The objective of the Web Accessibility Policy is to assure that university web-based materials are available to all who attempt to access them, in full compliance with the legal and ethical responsibility to do so, and consistent with the protocols of Universal Design and the university's anticipated full conversion to an enterprise content management system.