Category 'Governance and Legal'
Policy TitleBrief Policy Statement
Alcohol and Other Drugs The University supports all federal, state and local lows relating to the use of alcoholic beverages and controlled and illegal substances. The unlawful possession, use, distribution, sale or manufacture of alcohol or illegal drugs by members of the university community (students, student organizations, staff and faculty) is strictly prohibited. The serving of alcohol at campus events must follow specific guidelines.
Broadcast Email Policy
Campus Posting Policy Posters, flyers, or notices may posted on campus only in specific areas and under specific conditions.
Conflict of Interest and Conflict of Committment
Distribution of Written Materials The distribution of written materials on campus is restricted to specific areas and conditions.
Membership of Senate The University Senate shall be composed of faculty, staff and students.
Official Stationery and Business Cards All stationery can be printed from authorized artwork on or off campus. Printing of business cards must be obtained through the Department of Purchasing using artwork from the Department of University Relations.
Official University System Marks and Logos All trademarks of institutions of the University System of Georgia constitute property of the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Authorization by the Board of Regents shall be required for the private or commercial use by any person, firm, association, corporation, institution, or other entity of any trademark developed by, or associated with the University System of Georgia or any of its institutions.
Policy on International Student Recruiting Companies
Possession of Dangerous Weapons/Workplace Violence University students and employees (whether on-duty or not) are not permitted to carry firearms or other weapons (including blades longer than 2 inches) on property owned or leased by the University.
Programs Serving Non-Student Minors
Public Safety Timely Notice In the event that a situation comes to the attention of the University Police Department and is considered by the University to represent a serious or continuing threat to the campus community, the Chief of the University Police Department, or his/her designee, in consultation with senior administrators and any other campus departments or other law enforcement agencies offering expertise believed necessary to making an appropriate decision, will issue a campus-wide "Timely Notice."
Recording and Dissemination of Senate Committee Minutes Minutes of all Senate committees, including the Executive Committee, will be made available in a timely manner.
Speeches and Demonstrations The University remains firmly committed to affording every member of the University community the opportunity to engage in peaceful and orderly speech that does not disrupt the operation of the University.
Travel to countries with travel warnings Georgia State strongly recommends against, but does not prohibit, travel to countries for which the U.S. Department of State has issued a travel warning or where there is reliable information of significant health or safety risks. Consistent with the provisions outlined below, the University reserves the right to prohibit or suspend travel for University-related purposes to any destination by faculty, staff or students if significant health, safety or security concerns pose extreme risks that warrant such a decision.
University Closing In the event of inclement weather or any emergency that jeopardizes the safety of employees, the President or designee of the University may declare leave with or without pay.
University Emergency Management Policy Georgia State University organizes, coordinates, and directs available resources toward an effective response to, and recovery from, emergencies. The University, expects each facility to develop and maintain a detailed Emergency Action Plan based upon the provided guidelines and assistance supplied by the Office of Emergency Management.
Use of Copyrighted Works in Education and Research The University System of Georgia facilitates compliance with copyright law and, where appropriate, the exercise in good faith of full fair use rights by faculty and staff in teaching, research, and service activities.
Visual Identity Policies Policies covering the use of logos, seals, mascots, and image of the University.