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The GSU Global Gateway is an on-going initiative to create a comprehensive international database. Information on GSU's international activities may be accessed and viewed by clicking the pointers on the map and the tabs beneath it, through the left navigation bar, or by searching the database below by Region, Country or College. For this project, the university uses IIE's grouping of World Regions. Some of the programs included here are implemented in multiple countries and regions.

This first phase of the project features information on GSU's international partnership agreements, international strategic initiatives, international visiting scholars, International students and study abroad. Data are presented for 2012. Over the next 12 months, phase two of the project will be implemented and data for additional years and categories such as faculty international expertise, international research, international alumni, etc. will be added. Our goal is to produce a dynamic, interactive and user-friendly resource to support and promote internationalization at GSU

We invite you to return frequently to monitor this effort and to witness and explore GSU's growing international impact. We welcome and encourage your comments and suggestions on this initiative. Please email us at: or call 404-413-2530.